Haley & Matthew | A Simple Wedding in Santorini

March 12, 2018
Haley & Matthew | A Simple Wedding in Santorini

Some people love the simplicity and intimacy of some moments, so they choose to be just themselves on the day of their wedding. This was the desire of Haley and Matthew as well, a beautiful couple from the USA, who wanted to enjoy a simple yet full of charm wedding in Santorini, just the two of them. For them, what they believe it is valuable and what they know that they are feeling is much more important than what the world may think. Thus, they traveled down to Santorini with the plan of getting married here. They contacted the representative of the town hall that was responsible for weddings and they also contacted me, for their wedding photos. We were the only two people this couple needed for their wedding.

For their wedding ceremony, Haley and Matthew chose a very special part of the island, called Prophet Elias. In Santorini, this is one of the highest point, so the views here are breathtaking. So, no wonder they wanted to have their wedding ceremony there, gazing upon the volcano and caldera cliffs. After the ceremony, we started traveling around Santorini, looking for beautiful spots for their wedding photos. We had a lot of fun, but we also had to take a break, as it was very hot outside. Thus, we took advantage of the high temperatures and we stopped for ice cream. For us, it was a great day, and we are positive that Haley and Matthew had an unforgettable time since they got to make their wish come true. The day ended at their hotel, Aris Cave Suites, in Oia, a gorgeous location that was going to provide comfort and elegance for the rest of their stay in Santorini.

2Wise Team

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