Lauren & Steve | Santorini Wedding in Villa Irini Wedding Venue

March 15, 2018
Lauren & Steve | Santorini Wedding in Villa Irini Wedding Venue

W[/dropcape recently had the honor to meet two amazing people, who were kind enough to share their love story with me by allowing me to be their photographer during their wedding in Santorini. We are talking about Lauren and Steve, the two coming from the US to Santorini, Greece, with a wish in their hearts. They wanted to get married here and have a small and private wedding, with only 6 guests. Since they wanted to make sure that their memories would be immortalised in the best way possible, they called me to take both their wedding photos, but also the after wedding photo session.

The couple chose to stay with their family members at Villa Irini, in Fira, which was also their wedding venue and the place where everybody got ready for the event. What was impressive, in our opinion, is that Steve wore his special Navy uniform, because he was in the US Navy. In Santorini’s marine background, he was definitely a very special groom. Steve waited patiently with his father-in-law for the bride to be ready, drinking cocktails and simply enjoying the gorgeous view.

Lauren was helped by her two sisters to get ready, who were also her bridesmaids. Of course, she had other helping hands as well, offered by Renia Bledaki, a makeup artist, and Bella, a hairstylist, both helping Lauren look amazing on her wedding day. The terrace at Villa Irini where the ceremony took place was also beautifully decorated with a white pergola and flowers. It really needed nothing more, as the view provided by the terrace was more than perfect.

The event finally began, as Lauren was emotional as she was accompanied to the place of the ceremony by her father. When Steve saw her, he couldn’t withstand his emotions any longer and started crying of happiness. We don’t see a groom in tears too often, but this tell us that this moment is really special for both of them. We took photos as they said their vows and then captured the moment when the entire family enjoyed the ceremony together. We must say that these two are truly blessed with an incredible family. We also loved the beautiful cake made in the shape of the famous blue domes in Santorini. Although we see and photograph many weddings, we always get emotional when we see the bride and her father dancing, just the way Lauren did with her father. It was obvious that they had a very special connection.

All in all, it was a gorgeous wedding ceremony, blessed with a perfect weather. The sun was up and shining and the air was warm enough to make everything enjoyable. After the ceremony ended, we took Lauren and Steve around the village of Imerovigli, for their after-the-wedding photo session. Most certainly this is an experience they will never forget.

2Wise Team

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